About Me !

Hi blogger .. This is my new blog! I know my blog is not as beautiful as your blog.
Hope you are willing to become my followers. I want to introduce myself ..

  • My full name is Nurul Elina binti Rosli.
  • You can call me Elina or Lieyna..
  • 14 years old (2012)
  • My hobby is reading books and collecting key chains.
  • Ambition is to become a doctor.
  • Too crazy about chocolate.
  • Like k-pop music, especially the Girl Generation!
  • Muslim and Malay descent.
  • A shy girl.
  • Intends to go to Korea.
  • Want to be a useful person.

That's a bit about me....
- Sorry for my broken English ! -
Nota: sorry.. speaking pulak >.<

Thank You for reading this entry.. Do comment too!

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